Product Info: Marantz RC9001 Integrated Control Solution

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Ever dreamed of controlling your complete electronic smart home environment? The RC9001 will do the job and more.

The Wizz-Ex RC9001 is developed to control your home environment in every possible remote control sense via one customizable and easy to use interface. Its trend setting ergonomic design, sophisticated setup, PC connectivity and large memory capacity make programming and learning a breeze.

With a true color touch screen remote control, 64Mb of memory, incredible bandwidth of 25kHz to 1Mhz, IF / Wi-Fi command transmission, an USB-port for PC connectivity and 2-way communication for easy control of music server, lighting system or other AV products are the results of extensive market studies and cooperation with both the enthusiastic end-users as with the custom installers all over the globe.

Shape ideas, take your creativity to a new level and enjoy the endless control in Marantz style.

  • High contrast, fully customizable and full colour 3.7" VGA TFT touch screen display
  • 64 Mb of non-volatile flash memory
  • Customisable by dedicated PC software
  • Control multiple devices with a single touch
  • Escient FireBall interface built in (2-way with album art)
  • Lutron RadioRA interface preconfigured
  • Supports WAV audio for button presses
  • WiFi for wireless control in multiple rooms
  • Controls IR and Serial (RS-232) devices with RX9001 Serial Extender
  • IR/RF transmission capability
  • Control IR devices with RX8001 Wireless Extender
  • Can be utilized in stand alone mode
  • Pre-programmed Marantz Product Templates
  • New Wizz-Ex software
  • 100% editable screen and transparent graphics
  • USB communication port for PC connectivity
  • Rechargeable Lithiu-ion battery, exchangeable by customer