Product Info: Philips Pronto TSU9200 Programmable Remote Control

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Ergonomically designed, the TSU9200 offers the best of both worlds: a familiar remote control look-and-feel with an easy Pronto interface that is a snap to program.

Designed for ease of navigation with just the right balance of hard buttons and on-screen interfacing, the TSU9200 displays essential actions like ‘Watch a DVD’ and channel icons right on the LCD screen. Fully compatible with all IR devices, the TSU9200 is full of functional design details, like handy white backlighting, laser-engraved tactile buttons to prevent wear, and a subtle minimalist docking station that doubles as a battery charger. Like other members of the Pronto range, the TSU9200 is ‘one-of-a-kind’ remote control that integrates everything from home entertainment systems to PC-based digital music libraries.

An ideal solution for users who like to keep it simple, the Pronto TSU9200 features four clear operation modes:

The Media mode gives users direct access to their PC-based digital music files using the optional PCX9200.
The More mode reveals advanced features such as the television’s ambilight control or TeleText.
The Favorites (FAV) mode lists the users’ preferred television and radio stations by channel icon.
The Home mode lets users simply opt for an activity like ‘Watch TV’, ‘Watch a DVD’ or ‘Listen to PC’.

Two accessories are available for the TSU9200:

1. RFX9200 ($349 RRP) - Wireless Extender (RF) for TSU9200. Turns your TSU9200 Remote from 'line-of-sight' to RF (Radio Frequency) functionality, allowing Home Entertainment components to be placed in a cabinet, out of sight. The RFX9200 features 4 addressable IR ports, plus addressable front IR blaster and slim design for easy placement

2. PCX9200 ($149 RRP) - USB PC Extender for TSU9200 enabling 2-way communication for control of music from a PC (Win Vista Media Centre, Win Media Player & iTunes). Features include a search function & access to playlists and Cover Art