Product Info: Philips Pronto TSU9400 Integrated Control Solution

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A touch of elegance

The slender vertically aligned Pronto TSU9400 features a bright vivid touchscreen. Ultra-thin with a stunning 3.5 inch QVGA color touch screen ideal for graphics, a rotary wheel for easy multimedia scrolling and conveniently placed buttons, the Pronto TSU9400 is a hybrid of full functionality and designer looks. It will blend into practically any modern interior with its geometric aluminum and black gloss finishing. The backlit buttons and Pronto logo emit a soft white glow giving the Pronto TSU9400 an ultra-cool finishing touch when placed in its matching docking station to recharge.

The TSU9400 is the perfect solution for lower cost control with true 2-way control. The elegant smooth-to-touch unit fits comfortably in your hand and is a dream to use due to it's well layed out ergonomic design.

The perfect extensions for complete system integration

To support total home control and multi-room wireless and wired remote control installations, two types of extenders are available to seamlessly integrate with the TSU9400: the RFX9400 wireless extender and the RFX9600 serial extender.

ProntoEdit Professional

To create the ultimate in customization, the Pronto TSU9400 also comes with the recently updated ProntoEdit Professional software. The latest release also features the exclusive ProntoScript programming functionality, which enables two-way real-time interaction and the creation of a dynamic user interface. The TSU9400 can receive feedback from RS232- or IP-controlled devices in real-time, providing an advanced two-way functionality beyond controlling home entertainment and automation systems.

For more on ProntoScript and ready-made modules, please click here.

The TSU9400 boasts:

  • Ergonomic & ultra thin design
  • Embedded 'Plug and Play' w-way device control for Imerge S3000 & Xiva, Escient, Windows MCE & Media Player 11 media servers, Lutron lighting systems out of the box.
  • 23 direct access hard buttons inc. scroll wheel
  • Backlit buttons and logo that emit a soft white glow
  • Long life battery allowing days of operation
  • Ultra reliable Wi-Fi (802.11g) including exclusive Pronto protocol
  • Best in class IR learning and sending performance
  • Speedy based configuration editing software -Vista compatible
  • Exclusive ProntoScript programming
  • Built in system diagnostics
  • Long list of free 2-way smart home device control modules
  • Largest IR database with free regular upgrades from Philips