Product Info: Philips Pronto TSU9600 Integrated Control Solution

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Taking the concept of control systems beyond the entertainment centre, the Pronto™ TSU9600 is ideal for today’s modern smart home and consumer. 

The Pronto team at Philips is preparing a number of out-of-the-box solutions that will ship at the product’s launch to make integration with popular smart home devices a breeze. Currently the control panel is equipped with a dedicated user interface that allows complete control of Lutron RadioRA® lights and shades.  The Pronto control panel displays live status of the homes lighting environment on its 3.7” VGA display.  With the simple touch of a button the entire room can be illuminated according to the desired mood – individual dimmers and switches do not need to be controlled.  Also shipping with the Pronto is out-of-the-box control for Escient’s reliable and efficient Fireball Music Sharing Protocol. The Pronto offers the simplest solution to manage even the largest digital music, DVD and CD collections.

Because of the control panel’s advanced capabilities, there is no need to turn on the television to start listening to music throughout the house. Instead consumers can use the full on-screen user interface, displayed on a crisp, flush-mounted 3.7” VGA screen, and scrolling wheel to access and enjoy their music library.

It is expected that a range of software solutions will be designed and released for the Pronto™ TSU9600, making it compatible with popular audio, video and other devices, including Australian-made lighting control systems.

The intuitive Pronto™ TSU9600 exceeds the demand for customised, upgradeable home technology by delivering simplified convergence and control of hundreds of different devices from home theatre equipment to lighting.

The TSU9600 can be used with two optional extenders to maximize control. The RFX9400 provides out-of-the-box premier Wi-Fi and wired network compatibility and individual, addressable IR ports.  To further increase control capability, a 19” rack mountable RFX9600 connections can be hard wired to RS232 compatible equipment to ensure commands are carried out exactly as they are programmed. In addition the RFX9600 can be connected to power sensing triggers and relay switches to perform additional smart home automation tasks. Combined, the system allows for complete control over anything and opens and closes.

The TSU9600 boasts:

  • A compact profile and flush-mounted, 3.7” VGA touch screen for the clearest and sharpest user interface. Features dynamic resolution and a wide (160 degree) viewing angle.
  • Best-in-class WiFi® wireless link for complete home control.
  • Increased IR learning and reliability (25kHz – 1MHz eg. B&O, Sony etc)
  • ProntoEdit Professional software for ‘Drag and Drop’ customization.
  • An easy-to-use macro channel wizard.
  • WAV audio files playback for customised operation instructions.
  • Access to one of the largest IR databases, which is updated quarterly. With MyDatabase, installers also make more efficient use of configurations already programmed, cutting down on repetitive work. 
  • High-gloss, black front panel, blue-backlit buttons and a docking station that emits a comforting white glow.
  • Ergonomic grip with soft touch feeling; rotary wheel for easy content navigation.
  • Advanced system diagnostic log for easier system debugging.
  • Discrete, built-in stylus holder.